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ZM Team Introduction

"Zero-kilometer Lubricant ZM Vehicle" was established in May 2013 to create China's most professional professional drift fleet integration. The aim is to create excellent competition results and establish a professional Chinese drift team to promote the healthy development of Chinese drift sports.

The 2015 season team from Taiwan floats the League champion, WDS world champion, 2013, 2014 China floating Championships CDC annual championship, the three - life rider Zhang Shengjun is the main driver.

As a professional racing motorcade, the company does not hesitate to set up its own car refitting center. It is committed to refitting the best Chinese drifting car, with technical support from the technical team of Japan, the United States and Taiwan to ensure the good state of the car, adjust the various emergency problems during the event and guarantee the car. The best of the driver's potential is the smooth hand of the race. The main car racing car is equipped with a special serial transmission and NOS system, and from the United States to customize a V8 engine, the first professional V8 floating car in our country is assembled, and the vehicle equipment in the team belongs to the first-class level in China. To participate in the D1 drifting Grand Prix, the team has now restructured two BMW 4 - system cars with a power of 1000 horsepower, and the team has the world's top D1 racing, the best champion driver, and the most professional technical team. With this super perfect combination, we will strive for the best results.