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Recruitment Brief

One and 2018 demand for Campus Recruitment

Talents are the foundation of the development of enterprises and the first productive force to push enterprises to develop by leaps and bounds. In accordance with the concept of "the country is established and the industry is only prosperous", we provide a good personal development space, professional training opportunities and working environment, and we have been committed to providing the platform for the growth and development of the staff, so that every graduate can get the opportunity to practice and grow in the zero km company.

In 2018, we recruited five jobs, professional requirements to see the following form, for different posts, with relevant professional requirements, please have a position of interest in the application. For a detailed job description of a job, please visit the company website

Two, the trial period and the signing of the contract

After training and assessment, employment is signed, and labor contracts are signed. They are generally signed for three years at a time, with a probation period of 2-3 months.

Three, training and promotion

We attach importance to the combination of system training and post practice. Ideas, knowledge and methods need to be experienced and internalized in a relatively independent working environment and constantly challenging the working tasks of the comfort zone, and transformed into individual abilities. And every employee who has the corresponding ability also needs to provide an appropriate position for further development.

The company will provide different types of training courses for all types of employees, and customize the training system and career development path for the business backbone, middle and senior executives. These training systems are not only the process of "Empowering", but also the ladder of professional development. The training of each stage can be accomplished well, which can help the employees to be qualified for the job at the present stage and lay a solid foundation for the next post.

In order to ensure the continuous improvement of the ability and quality of the staff at all levels, the company has set up a variety of forms, rich content, comprehensive coverage of the training system, and continue to invest hundreds of thousands of training costs per year. In addition, we also provide excellent employees with the opportunity to further study in professional training institutions. As long as you have the ability, you will have more opportunities to enter the backbone of the company's business training system, the management sequence training system, and the various levels of internal competition, to achieve the continuous development of capabilities and positions, and to open your own star - studded career.

Four. Employee activities

1, regular fixed point basketball, badminton, billiards and other rich fitness sports activities;

2. Regularly organize collective recreational activities such as department dinner, all-staff dinner, spring party, staff sports meeting, cross-enterprise friendship and other collective activities;

3, regularly organize outstanding staff to travel abroad and other overseas activities.

Five. Application procedure

Delivery resume - trial - re examination - employment - signing contract

Six, special reminding:

To show your ability, you can submit a special report. We examine the ability level of your observation and thinking, practice and discovery, learning and innovation through a special report. It is an important basis for the company to judge whether you can employ you. Please prepare it carefully.

Application information: resume, special report

For your information, please submit it as follows:

Applicant Information Delivery: Applicant Information Delivery Mailbox: Mail Subject Format: Name - Applicant Position - School - Major

We will have someone to process your mail and inform you of the next arrangement.

More about the 2016 college recruitment and our company, please locate the zero kilometer company website

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